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Spirituality is that which feeds and nourishes the Church’s growth encompassing both the public and private prayer life of the Church.   The Liturgy is the public, communal and official prayer life of the Church and the standard of what it means to live a Christian life as Church and individuals.  It is in the celebration of the spiritual life of the Church that we become more truly the community of the Body of Christ.  It is in the Liturgy that we meet the Jesus of History and come to understand the Christ of Faith who is still with us.  As such Spirituality and spiritual growth is the central mission of our Parish community from which all other endeavours grow and flourish.


The high point of the Liturgy is the celebration of the Mass, especially the celebration of  Sunday Mass.  The Mass needs to be fed from other forms of public liturgy and private prayer so that it can lead into the public and private expression of Faith in a faithfully lived moral life.  To this end we have begun publishing a  based on the readings of the Sunday to encourage and challenge us to live our faith out during the week.


The Liturgical life of the Church as well as supporting and encouraging us in the daily-ness of our lives also marks those significant moments in a life of faith with the celebration of the S We have in our parish numerous dedicated catechists and helpers who enable people to be prepared for the responsibilities associated with each sacrament, depending on their stage of life.


Many different people performing various enable the dignified celebration of our parish liturgy.  The celebration is also fed by the prayerful meditation of the forthcoming Sunday’s scripture.  We have begun a Lectio Divina Group on a Tuesday evening to enable people in reflecting on the Sunday’s readings.  


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