Cautious opening of churches – What to expect leaflet

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Before you arrive

You should stay at home if you are unwell. People who are vulnerable or who feel unsure about returning to Mass need to consider the wisdom of doing so.

Remember the Sunday obligation has not been reinstated and live- streaming of Masses will continue.

You will need to bring your own face covering. All people entering church must wear a face covering at all times.

You should avoid bringing any unnecessary items into church, e.g. shopping bags, as you will not be returning to your seat once you have received Holy Communion.

When you arrive

You will be welcomed by a volunteer steward and you may be asked to give your contact details.

You will be directed to the hand sanitiser.

You will be directed to a bench. It may not be where you usually sit.

You must adhere to social distancing guidelines in place.

Any children accompanying you must do the same.

Baskets will be available at the entrance (and exit) for your weekly envelopes or other contributions.

Toilets will remain closed at all times except for a genuine emergency.

The piety stall will be closed.

During Mass

There will be no Sign of Peace.

There will be no singing.

Holy Communion:
• Will be distributed after the final

dismissal of the Mass.

• The words “The Body of Christ” and the reply “Amen” will only be said once at the beginning of distribution. They will not to be repeated for each person receiving Holy Communion.

• The volunteer stewards will direct you to approach the altar to receive Holy Communion.

• PeoplereceivingCommunionwillbe instructed to approach the altar with their arms outstretched so as to maintain a reasonable distance from the minister.

• You may only receive the Sacred Host in your hand and not on your tongue.

• Communicants must avoid skin to skin contact with the minister’s hands.

• You must then step to one side, lower your face covering and place the Sacred Host in your mouth then follow directions to leave the church immediately.page2image41912512page2image41919904page2image41920240page2image41920464page2image41919680page2image41913184page2image41923824page2image41918336page2image41924048page2image41922480page2image41911280page2image41918896page2image58578416page2image41919232page2image41911168