Parish Life Ministries

Welcome Team

Saint Paul is clear in his letters that the Christian Community should ‘make hospitality your special care’ Rom 12:13.  To this end the ministry of welcome is foremost in the work of the parish. On every level, we aim to provide people with an experience of being valued, respected and understood.  Providing a community were equality and diversity are natural integrated aspects of our life is always our aim and goal.  

All of our groups are known for their warmth and welcome.  Our welcome teams, those who ‘meet and greet’ regularly in our churches, have become the face of Christ to so many who have visited our parish and or, have returned to church after a break.

Fulfilment of the commandment to ‘Love thy neighbour as thy self’, means that our quest is to always be on the lookout to accept anyone who comes to meet Christ with us and enable them to find him in the people they meet and so in themselves.