Support and Outreach Ministries

Union of Catholic Mothers

The Union of Catholic Mothers is a world wide organisation which was founded in 1913 to support spiritually and practically Catholic Mothers and family life.  To assist them to bring up their children as practising Catholics.  To offer love, sympathy and help to families in difficulty.  To pray for vocations for priests and religious life. 

On a parish level we meet once a week on a Friday afternoon 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. In the St John Vianney Meeting Room.  We support every aspect of our parish life, and were we can we help we will.  Each Friday after our Midday Mass, in the form of praying the Rosary, we lead prayers for Vocations.

In 2007 we celebrated our 60th Anniversary.  We attend bi-monthly masses and study evenings at different parishes in the Archdiocese and attend the annual national Pilgrimage to Walsingham in July.

We organise speakers to talk on various subjects.  We also organise raffles, the proceeds of which support various charities.  In the future we hope to provide a simple lunch, once a month for people who are on their own and would like an opportunity to get out and spend time with other members of our parish.

Throughout the year we organise outings to places of interest, also meals out on significant occasions.   On occasions we assist with providing refreshments at parish gatherings and are always looking to encourage new members to join us in order to develop our ministry within our community.

President: Moira Houghton

Treasurer: Joan Fraser

Secretary: Peggy Rodgers