Parish Life Ministries

Baby and Toddler Group

Christ the king and our Lady Baby and Toddler group is a free stay and playgroup for 0–4-year-olds and their parents and carers We have lots of toys, a craft table, songs Rhymes There are mega blocks, encouraging the children’s imagination, pictures of all their favourite television characters to colour them in, cars and lots, lots more to keep them happy and TEA AND TOAST                                                                                                                    The Children are from all ages, ranging from new-born babies up to the age of those who are about to start school  So, if you fancy a cuppa and a chat, would like to meet people just like yourself, or just want a change for you and your little one feel free to pop in and make some new friends and find that you are not alone  Come on down to Christ the King and Our Lady Baby & Toddler Group! On Thursday morning                      9-11am in the John Vianney meeting room, you will be made most welcome.  we will be back 15th September 2022

for more information ring the parish office 01517222231