Parish Newsletter 4th Sunday of Lent 22/03/2020

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Fourth Sunday of Lent, 2020

Mass of the Fourth Sunday of Lent                                                                                                  The following intentions will be said privately by Fr Colin.

Saturday         21st           Liz Doran special intention

Sunday            22nd        People of the Parish                                                                                            Monday          23rd         Cath Wylie RIP

Tuesday          24th         Terry Darmody                                                                                                    Wednesday    25th         David Formby  RIP                                                                                               Thursday        26th          Fr  Des Power 

Friday             27th          Gerard Dignum RIP

Mass of the Fifth Sunday of Lent

Saturday         28th       Sr Maria Natella

Sunday            29th      People of the Parish

Enrolled into Mass Association this week:  Kate Anderson RIP

The Lamps this week will be burning for:

Sanctuary Lamp:                       Kath Keane 

Blessed Virgin Mary Lamp:     Maureen Smith (Mother’s day remembrance)

St. Paschal Baylon Lamp:        Parishioners

 Please remember in your prayers the sick, housebound and all in our hospitals and homes.  Mary Woods, Sarah Jones, Ann Keyes, June Boffey, Barbara Wee, Tony Clark, Maureen & David Lorne,  Veronica Timmins, Paul Powell,  Chloe Farricker, Niall Heffernan, Leanne Caines, Marie Rowland, Veronica Williams, Trixie Farrell, Sidney Wilson, Eileen Li, Marianna Varghese, Angie Mason, Rachel Elliott, Robert Monks, Marie Jones, Patricia Cooper,  Kevin Doyle, Mary Berry, Elizabeth Wilcox, Philip Whitmore, Colette Hart,    Mary Brown, Thomas Lacy, James Black,               Sophie Owens, Nicholas Fry, Abigail Macey, Sammy Lee, Lawrence Murphy, Noreen Bashford, Christopher Byrne, Ann Joliffe, Eileen Roberts, John McNally, Sean Cairns, Suzanne Stevens, Patricia Holloway, Kath and Pat, Patricia Neilon, Danny McCaughley, Michael Maxwell,                Michael Robinson, Cameron Stowe, Mary Johnson,  Breta Davies, Frances Somerset, Kath White, Danny Smith, Monica Evered, Ellen Davies, Philippa Dyson, John Owens, Maureen Birch, Suzanne Williams, Baby Meadow , Marie Nolan, Betty Beaumont, Vicki Hartwell, Kaleigh Prentice,              Tricia Devlin, Cathy O’Boyle, Eileen Woods, Bernard Daly, Patricia Prentice,   Pat Brunskill and Danielle Wright.

St Vincent de Paul – If you or someone you know is in need of a helping hand or listening ear, please contact the parish SVP on our CONFIDENTIAL PHONE LINE:  07562 694 624.


Thank you for your contributions to the work of the Parish which last week raised £692.92                                            plus Standing Orders of £841.00.  Total £1,533.92.

Lately dead: Thomas Burke. We offer our prayers and sympathy to his family and friends

Saints of the week

Saint Nicholas Owen March 22. Saint Nicholas Owen was a creative builder who helped the persecuted Catholic priests of England find hiding places. Because of his important work, the fact that he joined the Jesuits was held secret. Arrested a final time in 1606, Saint Nicholas Owen was tortured and killed. 

 Saint Turibius of Mogrovejo March 23. Prominent in the history of the Catholic Church in Peru, Saint Turibius of Mogrovejo supported the rights of the native people. He was nominated Archbishop of Lima, Peru, by King Philip II of Spain. Not even a priest at the time, Saint Turibius protested the assignment, but to no avail. He was ordained a bishop and sent to Peru. 

Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero March 24. Already considered a saint by the people of El Salvador and elsewhere, Oscar Romero was recognized as a martyr for the faith in 2015. The time when he was Archbishop of San Salvador was a period of civil unrest and great government-sponsored violence. The voice of the Gospel, St. Oscar Romero spoke out for justice. 

Annunciation of the Lord March 25. Some people consider today the feast of the Incarnation of Jesus–instead of Christmas–since it is today that we celebrate the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity becoming flesh in the womb of the Virgin Mary. However, one of the main emphases of this feast is the “fiat” by which Mary agreed to become the Mother of God. Let it be. 

Saint Catherine of Genoa March 26. Saint Catherine of Genoa wanted to be a nun, but was rejected due to her youth. Instead she married, converted her husband to a life of virtue, and together they cared for the poor. The Lord sometimes has other—and better—plans for us. 

Lazarus March 27. Almost nothing is known about Lazarus of Bethany, who plays an important role in the Gospel of Saint John. There we are told that he was a personal friend of Jesus. Many legends exist about Lazarus’ later life. 

Saint Catharine of Bologna March 28. The obscurity of the Poor Clare life seems somewhat expected, yet Saint Catharine of Bologna was well known for her holiness. Even in the quiet Poor Clare life, nuns can be examples for the whole Church. 

Saint Ludovico of Casoria March 29. The first part of Saint Ludovico of Casoria’s life was somewhat “ordinary,” but not the second. Having had what he called a mystical experience, he began establishing institutions for all kinds of people in need. He even founded two religious communities.

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All public services have been suspended until further notice.

The Church will be open on Sunday mornings between 10.00am and 12.00 noon for private worship. Please see Parish website for up to date information:

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