First Holy Communion Programme

Sacrament of Holy Communion

Preparation for the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Reconciliation will be through a process of Family Catechesis. All this is part of the “With You Always” programme.

Family Catechesis is a method by which parents/carers are assisted in leading their own children in the lifelong call to holiness within the community of the church. Most importantly, Family Catechesis puts parents/carers in their rightful role as their child’s first and best teachers.

The “With You Always” resource is for parents/carers and their children in school year 4 who are preparing for Reconciliation and First Communion. The resource aims to ;

  • engage parents and children in sessions that are welcoming and active
  • offer time for parents and children to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ within the parish community
  • help parents and children learn about the faith and respond to God’s word in their daily lives
  • prepare parents and children for the reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist

Sacramental Preparation for First Holy Communion 2022/23

Parents of Year 4 children who attend Christ the King, St. Paschal Baylon and Our  Lady of Good Help Primary Schools should have now completed  their forms to register their child for the Sacramental  programme for First Holy Communion which is due to commence  early September. If you have not yet done so please collect your registration form at the weekend masses you need to register your child before 4th September.

If your child does not attend one of the above schools and you wish to enroll him/her please collect a registration form which will be available at the back of church after any weekend masses you need to register your child before 4th September.

We pray for your children and your families that they will be renewed in the faith and commitment following the Lord within our community. May the Lord give them the gift of perseverance in our Sunday worship, for according to scripture, perseverance is the gift which will win us eternal life. May they all be renewed in their love for God as God showers down His love freely upon them.